Paul schneider dating

screenwriter Angus Mac Lachlan goes back to North Carolina for the story of a man blindsided by divorce.

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Rebuilding his life, he takes to dating websites and after a series of encounters, one night stands and confusion towards Annie, he slowly rebuilding his life.

In the full interview, he goes on at more length about this, and about how it’s all bullsh*t networking.

Don’t I need to chew on other stuff to sh*t out something good? He’s crossed the line from self-deprecation to, “What I do is dumb.” It sounds like he’s sick of acting.

Offering no easy answers, with the film now available to stream on Netflix, we’re sharing our conversation with Paul Schneider and first-time director Angus Mac Lachlan (screenwriter of .

How did this one come together – and what made you want to direct it? Every screenwriter probably wants to direct and I’ve done it on stage.


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