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Little did I know that in my bedroom, my co-worker had gotten up too, still drunk, and couldn't find the bathroom.

I came back to see him peeing on my favorite pair of Converse in my closet.

But if the passion isn’t there, she’s quick to cut things off. Sometimes they did the typical getting-to-know-you activities—going to the movies, cooking dinner at her condo. With a series of quick clicks and swipes, she can schedule dates with a new guy, sometimes two, every day—mostly coffees, which are a good way to see if the attraction she feels from a photo measures up in person.

If a prospect seems promising, she might agree to a future drink.

I screamed, and he ran out of my apartment in his boxers.—cassief I found out one of my guy friends at work had no plans for Christmas, so I invited him to join my family. I was grateful, but when we got back to work, he was nasty to me. My brother told me years later that the pin/poem combo was supposed to be a marriage proposal, and he got mad because I didn't say yes! —vickic4 I brought a guy I was seeing from work to an NYE party.

—katw46 While on a date with my coworker, he revealed that he still lived with his ex. Turns out his ex locked him out, and he wound up sleeping on his porch.—halleyf2 I had a thing with someone in the office, then found out he had a girlfriend who was pregnant — so I obviously ended things. Apparently he was being a dick and I was too drunk to notice, so my friend punched him in the face. We haven't spoken since.—Darcy Raymond, Facebook I was sleeping with my boss for a few months.

She called him that because he was the quintessential 30-something Bay Street guy—handsome, wealthy, confident and married to his job in finance.

From the surrounding towers, players descend to blow off steam and seal the deal—with clients and that night’s conquest. And Tinder is their Little Black Book Valerie met “The Suit” on Tinder.

So we were both goal/career oriented, both into sports, oddly both the 'same race' which has been excessively rare for me (we're both a black/white mix, this isn't important for either of us but we were also the first black/white mix we had ever met let alone dated. And then I finished law school and went to take the bar in another state.

"Got talking to a girl on there, we met up for drinks and it turned out to be the best date I've ever been on, we just talked all night and ended with a kiss...

I walked her home and then we text each other till we both fell asleep. The next time I saw her I got a blowjob whilst we watched Titanic...

The third met me for lunch and was actively swiping on Tinder matches during the meal. Good sense of humor, personality, that sort of thing. aaaand then kind of kept up with that frequently for weeks, then months, and so on.

What's annoying is that she was a perfect match for me.


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