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"I jumped right out of the Lazarus Pit into this...Speedy. So I thought what Laurel would say, and I think she would tell me to get out." ), also (unofficially) known as Thea Dearden Merlyn, is the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and the late Moira Queen, the legal daughter of the late Robert Queen (though treated unquestionably as his daughter throughout his life), the ex-step-daughter of Walter Steele, the maternal younger half-sister of Oliver Queen, the paternal younger half-sister of the late Tommy Merlyn and the aunt of William Clayton. After learning how to fight from Malcolm, Thea became a vigilante and member of Team Arrow using her brother's nickname for her, Speedy, as her code-name. And then I threatened to kill a little girl, and I realized that I am my father's daughter.Her hatred for people led her to create the dark curse which sent all fairytale characters to a small town named Storybrooke.There she lives as Mayor Regina Mills, the stern adoptive mother of Henry Mills who sets out to stop his birth mother and Snow White's daughter, Emma Swan, from breaking her curse.He further earned the title Ibn al Ghul (Arabic: ابن الغول; for Son of the Demon) when Ra's forced Oliver and Nyssa to marry.Eventually, Oliver defeated Ra's, inheriting the title of Ra's al Ghul (Arabic: رأس الغول‎; for Demon's Head), before passing on the leadership of the League of Assassins to Malcolm Merlyn. E.'s rise, taking up the new code-name Green Arrow, stylized as the "Emerald Archer".The Queens, their friends, and family have a fantastic summer vacation after escaping Lian Yu. Alternate ending to 'Eleven fifty-nine.' In the aftermath of the death of someone he loved, Oliver makes a stunning choice that separates him from his loved ones.Team Arrow is left to wonder if Oliver needs to be saved..stopped.

Though Malcolm was unaware that Thea was his daughter, and Thea was likewise in the dark, Robert Queen was aware but still loved Thea like his own.He briefly retired from vigilantism soon after and left his city to begin a new life with Felicity Smoak, but returned five months later due to H. When Oliver and Tommy entered their early 20s they got into multiple social scandals together, which, according to Tommy, included assaulting a paparazzi bystander, driving while intoxicated, stealing a taxi, and urinating on a police officer. At one of Tommy's parties Sara sneaked out to see Oliver, as she had a crush on him, and the three were busted by the cops leaving Sara grounded. In 2007 when he was 22 years old, Laurel broached the topic of them getting a place of their own, as citing that they had been together even longer than their friends Ray and Jean who were already moving in together.Oliver initially agreed, but later panicked and tried to run away from the responsibility.Special thanks to thebookjumper on Tumblr for creating this amazing writing project!! (4-Part Short Story in Felicitas Series) Short version: an AU where Tommy Merlyn didn't die, and is around for season 2 of Arrow.Watching a movie with friends isn’t meant to come with baggage, but then again that might depend on the movie and the friends… Long version: Tommy Merlyn has spent most of his life being an expensive disappointment to his family, but now he's a part-owner of a semi-successful nightclub in the worst area of town (it's seriously looking up) alongside his best friend, who — after five years on a deserted island — decided to come back to be a freaking vigilante.After being presumed lost at sea for 5 years, Oliver returned home with a mission to rid Starling City of crime and corruption, becoming the hooded vigilante known as The Hood.


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