Rockbox database not updating

Recording on Linux left me thinking, “Yeah, this would probably be fantastic if I were a recording engineer already and/or was more interested in the software than in writing a few songs.” We tend to prefer open source software .

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However, when I loaded 200GB of mp3s the i Tunes DB was 44MB and did not get recognized. But there should be no damage to the Sansa – I’m only reading in the Database und the Playlist-Creation should be safe too. I haven’t testet it with Songs on the Micro SD since I don’t have one. When I go under Sync options for my Sansa e280R, I cannot select the "Sync from device back to PC" option... It's not available in either Rhaposdy or Plays for Sure mode (MSC/MTP respectively). The Drive should be selected automatically (if the Drive Label is “Sansa e*”). Don’t forget: I have my e280 since last Friday so there might be some bugs. Expecting Feedback Enrico[07-05-09] Bugfix: Strings with leading or trailing Spaces weren't read correctly[07-05-16] added some features[07-06-12] added support for Rhapsody (thanks a lot to Giuseppe Saracino and Bryan Kitts)[07-06-15] added some Playlist features[07-06-18] Support for Rockbox-Firmware (should work on other devices too)[07-07-20] Fixed some Errors in Rockbox-Part[07-07-20] Added Converting of Album Arts (jpg) to bmp (for Rockbox)[07-07-28] Added Audioscrobbler-Support and Playcouter[07-07-29] Added half-Star-Rating for Rockbox[07-09-08] Support for latest Rockbox Tagcache (0x5443480b)[07-09-09] Added Play Counter as Column (for Rockbox)[07-09-09] Import Play Counter without Ratings possible[07-09-10] better (i Sproggler Simulation)[07-09-11] Support for moved database files (FS#7539)[07-10-11] Added Option to Translate Rockbox[07-10-12] fixed Bug in Creating Playlist for each Star[07-10-18] fixed Album Art Resize bug[07-10-19] added custom Album Art Resolution[07-12-17] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480c)[07-12-27] Some small fixes[09-03-10] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480d)[09-10-01] fix Problem with Out-of-Memory-Error (changed behavior of deleted Files)[09-12-14] Added Playcounter Export from MM to Rockbox[11-01-07] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480e)[11-03-08] Support for Media Monkey 4[11-03-10] added Progress Bar when reading device database------Posted by Strych9 on Tue Apr 03, 2007 am Can you sync back from the e200 series Sansas back to the PC?After installing Rockbox, I inserted the micro SD card, and rebuilt the database… I have not checked every single song, but they all seem to be there. There has to be somebody at San Disk or a San Disk contractor who is paid to maintain the Sansa firmware.On the surface, their firmware does look different from Rockbox. Who cares how intuitive it is if you would have to set aside a few days of your life just to figure out which half of your i Tunes music collection it can load?Now i Tunes is a bloated mess that I just dislike dealing with.


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