Rothschild dating rapper

But has yet to release his long promised album, One thing remained clear during his performance: Elect is still relevant.

The pair have hung out since, and Pro – real name Stephen Manderson – gave a talk at a university which was arranged by Kate.

Thedford and is father to one of Erykah Badu’s children, the old-fashioned way—through her Roundtable Records rap label.

Though Electronica is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, he is represented by Rothschild in England.

Ben’s father, the late James Goldsmith, was a billionaire financier and his brother, Zac, is a Tory MP, who also happens to be living with Kate’s sister, Alice, which only serves to further complicate the situation.

(Next time, might I suggest that the Goldsmith men take to online dating in order to find a woman outside of their family and in-law circle.) When Goldsmith, 31, learned about his wife’s alleged affair with Electronica via incriminating emails and texts, he confronted her. Most of the drama has played out not in the privacy of their home but in the public square. The two traded barbs and accusations over the social networking site.


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