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It has big screens near the main stage showing games of all kinds, and even a bar away from the stage for sports fans who don’t want any distractions.

If your boys aren’t up for the price tags on the Penthouse bachelor party packs, or simply don’t want to leave the Quarter, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club offers bottle service for eight for just 0.

New Orleans has been known for its bawdy acts since the days of Blaze Starr, but in the past few years, a series of scandals have closed clubs and forced our lawmakers to ban opening new venues.

The good news is that there are still plenty of places to let the The Penthouse Club has long been the king (queen? Known for having the most beautiful dancers in town, the space itself is downright opulent, with two floors and three bars -- all brightly lit, so you can see the club is something straight out of Scorsese’s , right down to the "Executive Suite" and neon-lit Penthouse Suites overlooking the main stage.

(Those are Tommy Francise’s mug shot photos above and below.) In a press conference after Fransise’s arrest, police officials explained that both men worked for Francise.

In that press conference (video included below), it was also revealed that it was through the assistance of the Discovery Channel and the additional resources they brought to the table in the form of modern forensic technology, that police were finally able to gather enough evidence to charge Francise in the murder of Curtis “Cochise” Smith.

If you’re torn between watching the game and watching the talent, look no further.It’s certainly your classiest option for a New Orleans bachelor party, with VIP packages starting at 0.Rick's Cabaret has that intoxicating balance of gentility and sleaze that New Orleans is known for; it’s also one of the most massive structures in the Quarter, at 18,000ft, with two floors and two main stages open to all guests... Rick’s is the club of choice for most NOLA dancers, as it’s the go-to club for visiting businessmen, and while the cover is just , the lap dances will seriously cost you: at , they’re the most expensive in the city.Either you or your spouse must have lived in the state for that long for you to file for divorce.returned for a second season tonight as detectives Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St.Dating partners may be people who have not lived together. The Clerk of Court's office can usually provide the services of a Notary. To assist the sheriff’s office in locating the defendant, fill out this form as completely as possible. LPOR F - Confidential Address Form Your address will be kept private by the court and the abuser will not receive notice of where you are currently living if you submit this form with your petition. LPOR FR - Confidential Address Form (In Reconvention) Use this form when the abuser is your spouse and has filed a legal action that has not yet been finalized.


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