Singapore dating app who is dating who on glee on the show

Shocking the Internet recently is the promotional campaign of an upcoming dating app called High Blood, that hopes to suck the blood out of our society’s moral fibre with its ridiculously discriminating criteria: There’s nothing wrong with having preferences, and yes, there are some other dating apps out there that cater to the so-called ‘high-brow’ echelons of society – High Blood purportedly relies on an equally panel of judges who approve applications which prospective users supply with official documents, proving how much of an industry hotshot they are, or how many As they got in that top college examination they still love to brag about. But you don’t wear racism loud and proud on your sleeve in a multi-racial country like Singapore; heck, not anywhere, period.Resorting to such sleazy tactics is anything but classy – the misplaced quality High Blood thinks it embodies.About a week ago, the app posted series of bizarre advertisements on social media, including one that made the eyebrow-raising statement, “no banglas, no maids, no uglies, no fakes/bots, no escorts. In an email to Mashable, Eng said the app is meant to mirror a “ruling class trope popular in Korean drama shows” and “vampire high society [or] elite cabal.”In layman’s terms, Eng basically set out to create an elitist dating app for racists to find one another, like this ad suggests, and to “violate norms regarding political correctness.”As if the racists ads weren’t the only turn-off, the app also has an intense (and completely unnecessary) admission process.

"My other friends are experiencing it too - a shortened dating cycle.

However, if you’re constantly rejected, new users can skip the approval process and pay for membership.

Users can also set filters for potential mates regarding “accountant-verified” specifications like income, profession and people who attended prestigious schools.

there are no differences between the races.”He also insisted there are over a hundred people signed up for the app already.

To that I say, thanks, but go screw yourself, Highblood.


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