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Research carried out by Ipsos MORI into the attitudes of the so-called Generation Y group of people born after 1980 has shattered the assumptions of the progressive Left.

It found that support for the Conservatives among this group has doubled at a time of austerity and public-sector reform.

I am both deeply honored and humbled by the response the book […] Having grown up in a military family, being born on a Navy base in Florida while my father, a Marine Corps Officer, was in flight school, I have always had something of an appreciation for Ignatius Loyola, his personal story, and his military-like organization skills.

An injured combatant — a canon ball to the leg […] Here is an excerpt from Fr.

For example, when I was in […] Today is an awesome day for several reasons.

As a child I always loved the day after Halloween — November 1st — because that meant that my birthday was exactly two-weeks away.

James Martin’s guest column on the Washington Post’s “On Faith” page. Martin has been reflecting on his gratitude for women religious in his life and has been encouraging others to do likewise.

You can read more inspirational reflections on twitter by following this new hashtag […] Those who know me best know how much I like to joke around and laugh.

The Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM), for instance, is designed to discover and integrate the latest in genomic, molecular, and clinical science into personalized care for patients across a multiple-site academic medical center.

Personalized medicine is a rapidly expanding field offering patient-specific therapies to treat disease.

Occasionally, the emergence of new technology or knowledge propels medicine across a threshold that is so monumental that it mandates changes in the structure of health-care delivery.

As we observed after George Osborne’s spending statement on Wednesday, Labour has found itself boxed in not by the brilliance of the Coalition’s economic strategy but by the grim realities of the nation’s indebtedness.

Moreover, voters appear to be well ahead of the politicians in understanding this, and younger voters in particular.


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