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If you’re looking for creative men, then check out what they are into. Get to know the dating market you’re interested in – and what they are looking to “buy” in return. Then see whether what you’re willing to give matches up with their wants too. However, if you don’t like your options, then it is time to rethink the steps above. They get so wrapped up in “finding love” or “pleasing others” that they forget to figure out what they want out of the deal. A general idea of what you would like from a partner is best. For example, if you want smart women…then talk to a few in your area and find out what they like. Especially when the relationship is fair, satisfying, and the best alternative for both you and them. Do you need to give a little more to get who you really want? Do you need to try a different dating group, time, location to find someone to connect with? Eventually, you will find a connection (or several) that works.

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Did I say women are high on vanity chart (don’t tell your prospect this).

Remember, it is supposed to be fun and not too serious. Most men and women make a lot of effort into getting ready for a date, so it is nice and flattering to know that all that effort has paid off. Ask your date questions about themselves, share insights and make sure that you pay attention when your date is telling you something.

Do date only people that you are interested in and try and not be influenced by what your friends think.

No matter how times change, what works in relationships remains surprisingly the same.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry today, but if you rush into a relationship, you’ll create big problems for yourself.


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