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Call now to book 01208 813050 Our Bikes With over 400 bikes and 20 staff we have a bike for everyone.

Here are the signs to be aware of and what to do if you suspect a child is being sexually abused. Avoiding the abuser – the child may dislike or seem afraid of a particular person and try to avoid spending time alone with them.

Welcome to Bridge Bike Hire, Camel Trail, Wadebridge Cycle hire for the Camel Trail, Wadebridge. Bridge Bike Hire is the largest and original cycle hire on the Camel Trail and is situated right on the start of the Camel Trail in Wadebridge.

At Bridge Bike Hire we have over 400 cycles for hire, a friendly welcome and a bike for everyone, young or old.

You’ll be able to check on your child’s progress and how he or she gets on with the other children.

Or, if you’re simply missing your child, log on for a quick look!


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