Updating from sp2 to sp3

All this was discussed, at length, in the above thread.

SUSE Studio Onsite can not be upgraded to SLES 11 SP3 at this time! Instead it is recommended to perform a new installation.In fact the update procedure is very simple, straight-forward and (in most cases) self-explaining.Just pick the method that suits your needs best and start with it..Application service packs replace existing files with updated versions that typically fix bugs or close security holes.With all the concern over the ransomware malware infecting machines, I'm looking to finally update several of my older machines running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3 (and once there, apply the May 2017 security patch Microsoft has issued).I'm not sure I trust it though, particularly if its a homebrewed update rather than something that officially came from Microsoft: »filehippo.com/download_w ··· _pack_3/Is the safer route is using the 2008-era SP3 update, then have Windows SP3 search for and automatically install the updates I approve? 3rd party sites often times slip adware (sometimes worse stuff) into their downloads.


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