Updating oracle views

Query rewrite is generally automatic, but you can explicitly enable it by using Isession, alter system, or SQL hints: In Oracle, if you specify REFRESH FAST for a single-table aggregate Oracle materialized view, you must have created a materialized view log for the underlying table, or the refresh command will fail.When creating an Oracle materialized view, you have the option of specifying whether the refresh occurs manually (ON DEMAND) or automatically (ON COMMIT, DBMS_JOB).

: PARENT.dname); END; / set serveroutput on UPDATE TABLE ( SELECT FROM dept_or p WHERE deptno = 10) SET ename = LOWER(ename); ON ov_empdept FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO emp (empno, ename, job, mgr, hiredate, sal, comm, deptno) VALUES (: NEW.empno, : NEW.ename, : NEW.job, : NEW.mgr, : NEW.hiredate, : NEW.sal, : NEW.comm, : deptno); INSERT INTO dept (deptno, dname, location) VALUES (: deptno, : dname, : location); END ioft_ov_empdept; / INSERT INTO ov_empdept (empno, ename, dept) VALUES (4, 'D.

Does it mean delete the LCR department from the dept_code table?

Does it mean delete all employees that are in department LCR?


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