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Joe Monteleone, UPS senior manager, customer technology marketing: Many of the improvements in this version take place "under the hood" so to speak.The most visible enhancement is support for the UPS Access Point™ network.We have written rules to allow every TCP and UDP port involved, have allowed every process used by worldship and sql server express, I even wrote a rule to accept all TCP and UDP traffic from the remote workstation, and the problem still persists. I have found that if you talk to different people at worldship support, some are better than others.UPS has basically washed their hands at this point and said it's an environmental issue (i.e. I don't know if they can just dump you unless you were running Windows 95 on some virus-laden piece 'o junk computer.We are constantly adding more instructional guides and video tutorials to the Seller Cloud Documentation site.It is our goal to provide the best customer support to all Seller Cloud users, and we hope this site provides a useful "self-serve" portal of information.When I look up the report in Event Viewer I see that the faulting module is This is really getting annoying since it is hampering my ability to do my job.This affects programs such as Chrome, Fire Fox, Apache, and Spyware Doctor.

We're in the middle of migrating from XP ton win7, and just updated the PCs in our shipping office, which, among other things, run UPS Worldship.In select locations, a UPS driver will attempt delivery, but if your customer isn't home, the driver will leave a notice and take the package to the nearest UPS Access Point location – neighborhood businesses with evening and weekend hours, such as The UPS Store locations, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, even dry-cleaners.JM: Yes, profiles are a popular World Ship feature.After updating World Ship to the 2017 version, you will receive the following dialog informing that a change has been made: You may also see the following error if you try to open a shipment in the wrong format in World Ship: In order to make the change, go to the Administration tab in DGIS and select User Options.Scroll down to the UPS Options section and select the correct version of World Ship you are using: After you've made the change, you can integrate as usual, following the steps in Creating the UPS Export File.These save data entry time by filling in default values for fields for each profile you create.


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