Verizon code for updating towers

Apple released an i OS update today to address the complaints of thousands of Verizon customers who were experiencing signal drops and unexplainable issues with GPS when using the i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus.

The update is numbered 10.0.3, and it’s solely focused on fixing the cellular connectivity issues for those two phones.

Having a cellphone is convenient, especially with quality coverage and stellar device performance.

They amend or modernize the code responsible for the routine operation of the cellphone.

These updates may focus on a number of different tasks, such as improving roaming capability by programming the device to recognize specific cellphone towers.

Firmware updates are offered at the device manufacturer's discretion.

Before you start Many LTE devices can run this update over Wi-Fi but if you're having trouble getting the update to start, or it fails before completing, you may need to disable Wi-Fi and enable data instead.


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