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There are different rules for photographing or recording things depending on whether you are in a public place or on private property.

A public place is a social space that is open and accessible to all, like a park.

For example, even though most beaches are public places, you can get in trouble for taking invasive photos of people in their swimmers without their permission.

The methods featured on You Tube by hackers include, but are not limited to, inserting malicious code, using the website, searching the platform Angry IP Scanner, and employing Metasploit framework.An immense volume of You Tube’s digital archive, which is expanded with 300 hours of video per minute, made the website an important platform for knowledge distribution.You Tube is used by hackers as a supplement to other sources of knowledge related to hacking, e.g., books, forums, and educative websites.Generally, you have a right to take photos and videos of public places and the people within them.But if you are taking photos or videos in a way that is offensive or a nuisance to those around you, this can be a crime.Today, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide, You Tube holds supremacy over other Web 2.0 applications and dominates in the field of online video streaming.


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