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"When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period," he said in the April issue of Ebony magazine.

"I just turned into a liar, but you learn from your mistakes.

Other publicity-worthy incidents for Doherty include two busted marriages, a report of writing bad checks, jail time for drunk driving, nude appearances in , Spelling became a TV movie queen, and that’s when her real life took a plot turn worthy of one her on-screen dramas.

'I forgave him because I loved him unconditionally, so you can imagine my horror when the very next day he slipped on the metro platform and fell in front of an oncoming train,' Rose, who is played by Melanie Lynskey, said to the congregation.

After taking the lid off the urn and announcing 'no time like the present,' Alan makes his way towards the deck but is startled by Ashton Kutcher standing in the window, causing him to throw the ashes all over the carpet.

"She liked to cast an icy glare and pretend to forget how to pronounce my name," he writes of his former mother-in-law. Well, some might say she screwed down, but that’s a matter of opinion."Spelling's rep declined to comment.

and the resurgence of nighttime soaps, there was a show about a bunch of “typical” California high school kids dealing with some seriously soapy dramas—infidelity, teen pregnancy, abortion, STDs, suicide, divorce, family secrets, eating disorders—oh, and let’s not forget, being busted boozing it up at prom!


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