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I use the light acne treatment, and there's a perfecting skin moisturizer that has a little salicylic acid. I'm using golden honey because in the summer time I get a little darker and I love it. When I'm on stage and I'm a little lighter, I use Make Up For Ever, which I love. When I have big photoshoots, that's when I call in the pros. When I was nine years old my mom told me, "I'm not going to be around forever, and you need to learn how to do your own hair because you have a lot of it." She taught me how to roller set my own hair.I have a great makeup artist who also works with Janelle Monáe, Saisha Beechum. At the time, I would wash it, put it back in a ponytail, and then I would get the rollers and put some product in each piece.They have taken pictures together in the past but nobody thought anything about it until now. From the looks of things, Nasty Nas has got himself a new boo.What was your dating life like before joining e Harmony? Someone with similar values to me who is kind and considerate, and who’s interested in settling down and eventually starting a family. My ideal date is a day date; one where we can do something active like go paddleboarding or bushwalking, followed by a snack and glass of wine.I like dates where we’re doing something that we’re both interested in.(Life good.) A few nosy parkers caught the two kissing and hugging it up throughout the night, so don’t be surprised if Mr.Nasir pops up with a tattoo of “Melanie” on his arm. Kanye Storms Off Stage in Tampa Once again, Kanye West had a Kanye West moment.

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You may recognise her as host of The Biggest Loser or seen her in the media talking about all things health and wellness.You can put coconut oil on your nails and your skin, and you can cook with it. But today, since we're going running, I wanted it up in a nice tight bun so I can move around without it falling.I'm pretty diligent about washing my face before going to sleep every night. they're super easy to do and they're the only thing that I put on my nails because I'm a tomboy, and I chip my nails the minute I get a manicure. I did my makeup for the Grammy Awards this year, and I do my makeup for all the tours.In her newest feat, Baddie Beyoncé trumped all on the the biggest rock star on the planet [Maury voice]!Love Stories: Chapter 1 with Monica, Team Familiar, Melanie Fiona & Avant DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC Sat, Jul 16, 2016 PM Details: Monica, Melanie Fiona, Avant The most anticipated Rn B concert of the summer!During his Yeezus tour stop in Tampa over the weekend, the raging rapper went ham on his stage crew for screwing up his lighting, sound and effects.


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