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Key came back and replaced Ben Dobson as Yellowcard's lead singer in 2000 after being asked by guitarist Ben Harper.The band then released the Still Standing EP in early 2000.They were successful, but after touring for a while, at one time representing the band as an acoustic duo at the Cornerstone Festival, the band's van broke down and with the tour abruptly cancelled, Ryan moved back to Jacksonville and took a shift at Chili's with bandmate and friend Sean Mackin.

I proudly waited, first in line, I could hear the soundcheck from downstairs, I couldn’t stop smiling.The song “Believe” was written as a tribute to those who were affected by 9/11.One fan was so moved by the song that they made a video to go along with the song as a visual interpretation. Despite the number of band mates Yellowcard has had over the years they still have a way to set themselves apart in this music world that is full of punk rock bands. They are one of the few punk rock bands that have a violinist.THE AP PODCAST SERIES is produced by Alternative Press Magazine, the nation's leading voice on underground, alternative, and punk music in today's youth scene. I’ve been a big fan of Yellowcard for a long time, I remember being hearing Ocean Avenue on the radio in 2003 when it came out.Then I hadn’t really listened to them for a while til I saw them at Warped Tour in 2012. Yellowcard will always be one of my favorite bands of all time. - Steve Mosher It’s still not quite real that there will be no more Yellowcard.


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