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There are so many steps to go through in getting a girl: the first impression, approaching her, getting her number, talking on the phone, planning the date, getting her in bed. Brad P has the solution, because what you really need are tips from an experienced guy - one who juggles phone numbers and sleeps with multiple women every month.

You always seem to strike out in at least one of these steps, leaving you single and lonely. Rated the number 1 Pickup Artist in the WORLD, he has been holding seminars for years and helping thousands of guys meet and hook up with women.

The way I see it, the biggest thing that's keeping most guys back from experiencing real, ongoing success with women is FEAR. And no matter how much you 'know', on a conscious level, that you're a great guy who women 'should' be attracted to, that rational, LOGICAL part of your mind doesn't even make a DENT in your emotional, gut-level response to situations involving 'instinctive responses' like FEAR.

All the rationality in the world doesn't affect that deep-down part of your brain ... Emotionally, you don't want to have to experience rejection: the fear of 'not being good enough' ... Most of the dating advice out there centers to a large degree around 'talking yourself out of it', and going out there and focusing on things like talking to lots of women, being sociable, and improving your social skills in order to combat a fear of rejection.

These metrics have a greater level of accuracy, no matter what the ranking.

Let's face it - you could use a little help in the dating department.

Following Brad's instructions, you'll suddenly gain more confidence when approaching women.You'll be getting numbers, going on dates, and sleeping with hot women in no time.The effects of Brad's coaching will then extend to all aspects as your life, as everything seems to suddenly fall into place.Online dating is social media at its best, so why pay for a profile?You can find attractive singles in Underground tonight at Mingle2and it's true that the only way to IMPROVE those skills is to get off the couch, get out there, and talk to people.


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